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Illinois Railcar, L.L.C. has, for over four years, performed quality renovations for commuter rail authorities, railroads, private car fleet owners, as well as cooperatively working with other car shops on projects, as a subcontractor.

Although we specialize in commuter rail program work, meaning we are set up to perform extensive renovation projects on production basis, we perform individual car projects, as well.

This site is organized to illustrate to you, the entire cycle of car interior and exterior renovation, from its original condition at the beginning of renovation to the finished product.

We hope that you will find this site informative and welcome any feedback and, naturally, inquiries.

At this point, please click through the pages we've assembled and as you develop questions, please call or e-mail and we will respond promptly.

We thank you for visiting with us.

D. T. Behr
Managing Partner

Renovation of Different Types of Cars Illustrated:
    Renovation of Cab Control Cars built by Pullman Standard Car Company
    Renovation of Trailer Coaches built by Pullman Standard Car Company
    Renovation of Trailer Coaches built by St. Louis Car Company
    Renovation of Long Island Railroad Coaches
    Our Staff
On request, we will arrange to assemble trainsets, including locomotives and specialty cars, as well as standard coaches. Also, by agreement, we will modify seating configuration, according to specification.

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