E-8 Engine Room

The engine rooms of the locomotives were thoroughly steam cleaned, at up to 3000 p.s.i. pressure. All accumulations of grease were removed and a thick coating of primer was applied. After drying, several coats of high-temperature resistant, high-gloss enamel paint were applied.

Color coding identifies lines and pipes. For example, all air piping is painted green, lube oil lines and piping are painted yellow, engine coolant related are blue and anything related to fuel is painted red.

Gaskets on the airbox and crankcase handhold covers were replaced and a separate aisleway was painted on the floors on each side of the engine. "Black Beauty" blasting grit was applied to the aisleways, while the paint was still wet, to make a non-skid surface.

The color selected for the interior is "Canyon Sand". The original EMD "suede grey", was rejected, due to its dingy appearance and non-reflectivity of light within the carbody.

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