F40-PH Locomotive (Passenger Version)



Unit Numbers:            216 - 411

Locomotive type:        F40-PH Former Road: Ex-Amtrak

Engine:                       16 Cylinder 645-E3B

Alternator:                  AR-10 with D14 alternator

Aux Generator:           24 KW, one per locomotive

HEP Alternator:          500 to 800 KW, (depending on unit), 480 VAC, 3 Phase

Traction Motors:         D77 Gearing: 57:20 (103 MPH)

Glazing:                      FRA Type I and II

Brake Schedule:         26L

Most of these units were in active passenger service on Amtrak, each of which pulled revenue trains to Chicago, prior to delivery in late 2001 and early 2002.. These units are in excellent mechanical condition and are available for lease and/or purchase. Most units have new or like new combo sets and fresh 1168 day (3 year) air dates. The locomotives can be delivered painted to specification, as well.

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