E-9 Locomotive

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Unit Number:              INRD 100

Locomotive type:         E-9 Former Road: ex-MILW 36A

Engines:                      567 C, 2 per locomotive

Generators:                 D15B with D16 alternator

Aux Generator:           10 KW, two on each locomotive

Traction Motors:         D47 to D77 Gearing: 55:22 (98 MPH)

Glazing:                      FRA Type I and II

Brake Schedule:         26L

This unit is one of only six that were built by EMD with a head-end-power diesel generator set installed originally by EMD at LaGrange. It is equipped with a 400 KW, 480 VAC Cummins VT1710 engine generator with HEP receptacles in the rear of the unit. It also is equipped with 26L brake and an AAR style control stand with enclosure for Motorola 99 channel radio. There is also a third air compressor located in the nose of the unit, which is powered by 480 VAC and can be used for supplying air to the consist when the prime movers are shut down. The HEP engine has been rebuilt and will be reinstalled, pending demand for service.

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