E-8 Type Locomotives

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The locomotives were remanufactured in 1978 by the Paducah Locomotive Shops of the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad for the New Jersey Department of Transportation. These locomotives were operated for only three and a half to four years and were prematurely retired because NJ Transit received an UMTA grant to buy F4O's and retrofit their steam generator equipped GP4O's with Head End Power.

Items rebuilt include the following:

Generators (both main and auxiliary)
Traction motors
New wheels
Braking systems
New Northeast Corridor Cab Signaling
Air compressors
Electrical control systems (Relays)

The units were completely rewired with new Hypalon wiring. Straight welded sheet steel replaced carbody panels to eliminate maintenance. Because these units have two engines each, they are very reliable. Should one engine fail, the other is sufficient to bring the consist in to the terminal.


Unit Numbers:            MARC 60 (ex-NJT 4327)
                                    MARC 61 (ex-NJT 4325)
                                    MARC 62 (ex-NJT 4324)
                                    ex-NJT 4258

Locomotive type:       E-8

Former Roads:           New Jersey Transit, ex-Illinois Central, ex-Pennsylvania Railroad

Engines:                     567 BC, 2 per locomotive

Generators:                D15B with D16 alternator

Aux Generator:          18 KW, two on each locomotive

Traction Motors:        D47 to D77 Gearing: 55:22 (98 MPH)

Glazing:                       FRA Type I and II

Most recently, one locomotive, MARC 60, provided reliable service for Maryland Commuter Rail in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor and to Brunswick/Martinsburg, WV on CSX. MARC 61, was readied for service by CSX for MARC at Riverside Shops. MARC 62 is also presently ready for service. Ex-NJT 4258 will be prepared for service, as demand warrants.

The Interior of the Locomotives

     The Cab
     The Engine Room
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